Most tasks are debited according to the time spent on the case. Certain tasks carry a fixed fee. In addition to the time registration, we also take the nature of the task and our liability exposure into consideration upon assessing the total costs.

Fixed fees

The price for drafting a patent application varies. Please do not hesitate to contact us, in case you need a quote for a specific case.

Our fee for filing (2019)                  EUR       DKK       USD*     GBP*

International patent application     1600      12000      1840      1440

European patent application           1000      7500      1110      890

Danish patent application                550        4000      610        490

* The USD and GBP fees depends on the currency rate

The official filing fees are added to our fee provided above.

Prices do not include VAT. While all due care has been undertaken in preparing this page, errors may occur.

How to cut costs

In addition to the competitive prices we offer, costs may be further reduced by:

Agreeing on maximal budgets for the individual tasks.
Requesting oral rather than written reporting.
Planning a few weeks ahead to avoid urgent tasks.