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Our vision is to optimize the return on innovation by offering the expertise of the best specialists

European Patent Attorney – European Trade Mark and Design Attorney

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VALUA is a patent law firm specialized in providing support about intellectual property rights (IPR). We  provide solutions on patent protection and innovation

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VALUA has a broad range of services regarding protection of IPR and IP strategy. Visit the VALUA services page for more information

VALUA is based on an ambition about offering expert solutions for patent protection and innovation.

At VALUA we provide expert solutions for intellectual property rights (IPR), with special emphasis on patent protection. We are specialized to give advice in many technical fields such as life science, biotech, chemistry, electronics, mechanics and medicines.

We have chosen to call us VALUA to emphasize that our focus is to create value. The word “valua” means flow – we adapt to our customers’ needs continuously.

VALUA has among others received the following prizes​