Value from Knowledge

Value assessment of patents

What is a patent worth?

Should I invest in a patent right?

How do I optimize the return on my innovation?

Whether you intend to invest or divest a patent right it is valuable to be properly prepared for negotiations. We do not limit ourselves to perusing the patent and other relevant rights, in addition, we may review the technological field and analyze the economical significance of the individual rights. Hence, equally important is a sound understanding of the market potential of the protected technology, the business proposal behind the patent, the scope and strength of the right, and the possibilities of enforcement.

A value assessment serves as an important contribution to license and contract negotiations, and to decisions concerning in-licensing or acquisition.

Upon divestment or out-licensing a comprehensive market strategy may considerably enhance the economical value of the right in question. Proper analysis of the market often reveals a potential for segmentation increasing the overall value of the offered technology.