Value from Knowledge


VALUA ApS was established by Jacob Poulsen in 2009 and has since handled a variety of different cases. 

At VALUA we provide expert solutions for intellectual property rights (IPR), with special emphasis on patent protection.

Specialists create value

We believe that it is crucial to find the right people for each job. Therefore, we build teams around each task.

Our patent agents all have a technical education and background and sits additionally into the legislation related to the protection of innovation, IPR and patents. This ensures that we both understand the concept and technology behind your products and manage to provide legal protection for your product.

For this reason, you can with confidence leave patent protection to us, and then your own company can keep focused on doing what you do best.

Business development– IP-strategy – IP-commercialization

VALUA offers patent consultation on your IPR from an experienced patent attorney or from a European Patent Attorney